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What is health?

I was reading a little book that I picked up from a local acupuncturist (thank you, Betty Weldon and found this little gem: “Health is wholeness and balance: Health is an inner resiliency that allows you to meet the demands of life. Being in a state of health helps you thrive in the face of environmental, physical, emotional and mental stress”*

Trauma, stress, sadness, and loss are part of life. We cannot live a perfectly stress-free life even if we wanted to. But being in alignment helps you be more effective and protected in all areas of your life (your safety net is in place). Being in alignment means having reserves of energy with which to handle stress. One component of the fascia (or connective tissue) is a gel matrix that is designed to absorb shock and trauma and disperse it throughout the body. If this “shock absorber” is dried up (think scar tissue or “knots” in your “muscle”) then the normal stresses of life cannot be absorbed, accommodated, and processed throughout the body. This is true of emotional and mental stress too (emotions get processed in the tissue as well!).

The good news is that it is never too late to get back into balance, to gain back the reserves of energy and re-hydrate & release the shock absorber (myofascial tissue) of the body. We all experience an increase in susceptibility to pain and fatigue, as well as lengthened recovery period after injury as we age…. But this is not an inevitable aspect of aging, it is merely an indication that we have layers of restrictions throughout the body that decreases the effectiveness of our built in resilience. Release the restrictions, rehydrate the tissues, come back into alignment with gravity…. and your body will show an astounding ability to bounce back and heal.

So, rather than using Myofascial Release when we are already in pain or injured, it might benefit us to think of it as an effective maintenance routine that keeps us efficient, adaptable, resilient and joyful. Because it feels good to be pain free.

Try it.

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