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The Shock Absorber

The fascial system is the great shock absorber of the body. That includes shock from a car accident, a simple mis-step while walking down the stairs, or an emotional event. When you encounter an emotional trauma that the body is not able to process in the moment, it is absorbed into the tissue of the fascia, recording the position you were in at the moment of trauma as a “position of pain.” This creates a holding pattern in the body as it prevents you from returning to these positions that it interprets as painful and dangerous. These holding patterns go on to create further pain and restrictions in the body as you lose full range of movement and your body’s “self-regulating” ability is successively restricted by physical, emotional, and mental traumas accrued in your day to day life.

The Myofascial Release therapist creates a safe place and supportive guidance to help you move into positions of past trauma, reprocess the event on all levels, and ultimately release. As you release restrictions held in your fascia, pain melts away, full range of movement returns, and joy returns to your body.

It is a beautiful and intuitively interactive process between you and the therapist. Both therapist and client are guided by the body’s innate wisdom to heal itself.