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Connect with Your Soul's Voice


“Before I had a distance session with Kate I was feeling like I was lost, kinda seeing everything and nothing, going in every direction and nowhere. It was a crazy chaotic fog I was trapped in. I must say, going into this, even as a Reiki practitioner, I was skeptical of the distance session. During the session I was entranced in ocean tides washing over me, cleansing me. I could feel tugs in places which almost brought me to tears at times. It was as powerful, or more, as being in the room with her. Afterwards was a neat process as she shared her feelings and thoughts from her side and they mirrored my own. Her advice for going forward really helped me greet my coming life changes with gratitude and a feeling of accomplishment with a clean and clear spirit and peace of mind. I highly recommend her as a teacher, as a guide, and as a healer. If you feel like Reiki is what you need to heal your wounds, guide your path, or free your spirit, and you have found this review and her site, this is the sign.” –Jody Brzezinski, teacher & empath

“Kate is a remarkable intuitive, offering insight and clarity while helping to enliven my visions and goals. Her perspectives always amaze me and bring me many ‘aha’s. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Kate!” —Gina, The Unfolding Self

“Kate’s distance readings have been a gift at a time in my life when I’m doing some exploring of the boundaries of my identity as well as the trajectory and pace of my own personal path in life.  What I appreciate about her readings is that they have had both a poetic and a visual quality to them that I can immerse myself in.  Reading through them feels like an experience or journey rather than just words on a page.  I find myself wanting to read first, let them sit with me for a little bit, and then read again.  I’ve gone back to them multiple times over a period of weeks to refresh myself with them and to see what I see newly in their colorfulness and depth.  They are clearly done with focus and love and I am grateful to have these readings as a source of spiritual support to turn toward.” —Mikel Brown, Public Health student

“I am continually inspired with each training by the endless healing that Reiki can provide. And I am forever grateful to Kate for bringing Reiki into my life and aligning me with a wonderful new community.”  —Nicole Sandoval, Reiki Master Teacher

“A teacher can make or break the spirit in a child who goes off to school, sometimes with just one conversation.  Kate is someone who is aware of this responsibility. She carefully nurtures the spirit of each of her students, she is gentle with our fears and doubts, she listens deeply.  I feel she has an uncommon ability to guide her students with gentleness and clarity (not just during the class but afterward as well).  She is always available to listen and give feedback, sometimes just to confirm my thoughts, or to bring clarity to obscure questions that come up for me.  Kate is an ongoing support.” —Laurie Chambers, Reiki Master, Labor & Delivery Nurse

Kate’s natural capacity to let the universe in and listen to her intuition was so well communicated in her teaching.  She held such a safe space for growth, understanding, and connection that each student seemed to be able to come out of their shells and act as a channel for healing.  Personally, I have carried what I learned and what I became attuned to with me in almost everything I have done since taking Reiki 1 and 2 with Kate.  I am so thankful for the gentle way she brought Reiki to me and feel exceedingly ready to share.” –Lauren Croshaw, Reiki Practitioner

“Kate is the most gentle, compassionate and loving soul. My experience with her during my Reiki Master training was very special. I was a little nervous as my Reiki 1 & 2 training had been completed over 20 years ago and I was not sure how I would fit in.  Kate was so accepting and reassuring that I immediately felt comfortable and that I belonged.  She is what I refer to as a Safe Guide. One that does not judge or make you feel like you’re doing something wrong while embracing something new.  I would highly recommend Kate as your Reiki Teacher. You will find a loving, kind, gentle soul ready to guide you to the next level of your Spiritual path.” —Julianna C. Avelar, Artistic Intuitive Guide

“If you are looking for an amazing teacher to guide you through your Reiki experience, look no further.  Studying with Kate is an amazing experience!” —Jeff D. Richardson, Reiki Practitioner

“I have been a client of Kate Bokoles since 2012.  She is simply wonderful.  She offers a variety of healing modalities to truly deliver relief from pain and stress which I am always grateful for.  Kate listens to you when you tell her how you feel.  It is an amazing experience to come into her Healing Space feeling agitated and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and leave the Healing Space with a smile on your face and lightness in your step.  It happens to me every time I see her.  Beyond her wonderful healing skills, Kate is a truly wonderful woman with intelligence, wit, and compassion.  I am so fortunate that a grateful client of mine purchased a Gift Certificate for her services years ago and it has become the gift that has kept on giving.  I highly recommend the services of Kate Bokoles as a treat for you or in appreciation of a loved one or business associate.” –Dianne DeWinter, CMS Mortgage Specialist