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Connect with Your Soul's Voice


If grief asks us to immerse ourselves in the river where all soul’s come together, sorrow asks us, personally, to let go. Sorrow asks us to walk along the river, alone, discarding what can no longer be carried. Discarding what can no longer be forced or controlled or strong-armed into walking alongside us. That private walk along the river, accepting the losses that are already written into the story. The losses that have already occurred although we cling for a time after they’re gone. The river gently laps at the shores and washes the wounds left behind. If your tears can join in the flow of the river, if the sorrow washes cleanly from your eyes down through your heart, you can learn the art of letting go. This is what sorrow teaches. The unbearable lightness of loss. The unbearable joy in letting go.

Image: the Danube river at the border of Hungary and Slovakia. The Danube, who I met at many different places, it was she who began my education on rivers.