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Reiki & Intuitive Services


My distance healing sessions are a blend of an intuitive reading, in which we connect with your Intuitive Self to ask for guidance, and Reiki energy healing, which helps clear old patterns in your energy field and bring in the free flow of your inner knowing.

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“Kate is a remarkable intuitive, offering insight and clarity while helping to enliven my visions and goals. Her perspectives always amaze me and bring me many ‘aha’s. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Kate!” -Gina, The Unfolding Self

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese tradition of energy healing with roots in Tibetan Buddhism. “Rei” is a Japanese word that can be translated as “universal consciousness” or “spiritual consciousness” and “Ki” means “vital life force energy,” so Reiki can be translated as “spiritually guided life energy.”  Everything that exists has an electromagnetic field as part of its physical composition, through which flows the life energy that animates it.  When the energy flow within the body is obstructed, it manifests as disease within the individual, not just at the physical level but within the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels as well.  When someone receives Reiki, they are opening up their energy system to the flow of spiritually guided life energy which works to balance their energetic system.  When the energy system is balanced, the body is free to perform its maintenance and repairs at the optimal level.  In this way, Reiki facilitates health & happiness, and eliminates disease.