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Connect with Your Soul's Voice


Do you have the patience to wait
until your mud settles
and the water is clear?

Can you remain unmoving
til the right action
arises by itself?

~Tao Te Ching

These words encapsulate the art of Myofascial Release better than any others that I know. As a therapist, do I have the courage to walk in to a room, set aside my own ego, my own desire to “fix” and “perform,” and allow healing to arise in its own beautiful time? Myofascial Release is about empowerment: empowering our clients to create healing within themselves rather than seek outward experts with esoteric solutions. It is about honoring the power and wisdom within each of us. As my Reiki teacher always tells me, “Healing is revealing.” Revealing can take time (not to mention loads of courage). It takes its own precious time and won’t conform to our “quick-fix” ideas and mechanical paradigms. Maybe the basic art of a Myofascial Release therapist is to hold space for time to reveal its healing.

So every day, before every session, I ask myself very gently and slowly: Do you have the patience… to wait? To honor their healing, their process, their time, their unfolding?

Because that’s where the magic happens.

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  1. Beautifully written Kate.
    Maureena Bivins, PhD, LAc
    “Curious, committed, and compassionate. What do you look for in a health care provider?’