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Connect with Your Soul's Voice

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a surge of energy that confronts you with the healing of trauma (yes, they have a heavy hand). They mobilize from within the body, not the mind. They mobilize from a deeply traumatized place: of shock, of sudden loss, a sudden realization of one’s own helplessness, or a confrontation with cruelty. They often connect us back to a childhood trauma but even if your trauma occurred in adulthood it is still necessary to kneel down and relate to your panic attacks on their own terms.

In the healing of trauma, there is a reliving of the old trauma that rises up within you. Now, this time around, you can attend to yourself in a way that you could not during the original traumatizing. There is a division of sorts that occurs. A meeting of two different aspects of self. A meeting of the past with the present. Can you find the part of yourself that can step toward your wounded self and say “I know how scared you are. And how alone you feel. But now, this time, you’re not alone. I am here by your side.” Can you discover what was most needed and find the part of yourself compassionate enough, strong enough to provide it? (I promise, it is there to be found.)

This is what panic attacks are calling for you to do.
To stop. To kneel down. To listen. To stay present to your own wounded self.

This time, you get to rewrite the story from within.