Connect with Your Soul's Voice

Intuitive Coaching


Intuitive Coaching

  • Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed?
  • Are you looking for a fresh solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem?
  • Would you like to feel more connected to your intuition?
  • Are you limited in your expression of Self?

I use a blend of intuitive readings (in which we connect with your Higher Self or Intuitive Self to ask for guidance) and Reiki wisdom to dissolve your constraints and connect you with the fullness of your inner knowing.

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The Emotions Whisperer

I have a knack (and love) for diving into emotions and discovering the vitally important information they are trying to tell us.  I am advocate for ALL emotions.  Instead of trying to push through or release unwanted or “undesirable” emotions, I take the approach that all emotions are present to give us valuable information.  A session is 30 to 60 minutes by phone.

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Business Building from Your Soul

Build a business guided by your Soul’s Calling and your Destiny on Earth

Do you want to create a business that is an expression of your highest calling on this earth, which also sustains your material needs? It is possible to create a business in alignment with your highest goals and your destiny on this earth, while still paying the bills. In fact, it can be the highest act of creativity and joy to align both the vision (upper chakras: soul, spirit, service, heart, connection) with physical needs (lower chakras: survival, food, shelter and creature comforts).

I offer bi-weekly coaching sessions to help you build your business from the Soul – following guidance from your intuition, higher self, energetic body and personal guides. We will bring your creativity to life with confidence and power.

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Your Intuitive Voice

Discover. Explore. Connect with Your Inner Voice.  Have you always wanted to tap into your intuition for your own personal guidance but you’re not quite sure what that means or how to follow your intuition? In this workshop we will clear what blocks us from hearing our intuition with clarity, and practice communication with our intuition with real-time guidance and discussion. You will leave the workshop with a real experience of your own inner voice, emphasizing the ability to distinguish between our Intuition/Higher Self and other voices that arise in our minds.

If you are interested in this workshop, please contact me and make a request to get this workshop on the upcoming calendar.