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Connect with Your Soul's Voice


Walk the Land

In recent years, I have set myself the task of listening. To listen deeply to my life and respond to its messages only.  To let no external input dissuade me from my internal knowing.  I had begun to pride myself on the courage and tenacity that it […]

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Healing in Undreamed-of Ways…

What does it mean to dream the world into being? It’s easy to dream in the world that everyone knows to be true, the collective dream of the “way it is.” It is easy to reproduce and replicate the way of the world as we have absorbed […]

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Transformation Happens

For a long stretch of time, I didn’t know if I would ever go back to my martial arts practice. Twenty years of training and the foundation of my personal practice (perseverance, discipline, commitment, responsibility to self and others) the foundation of myself as a professional, and suddenly […]

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