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On the Edge – Healing Space is Transitioning into Something New!

I’m beginning to design and conceptualize “Kate Autumn Bokoles” (as business entity) — the emerging, synergistically simplified, expression of all that has come before. I love being the creator of my own business because there is that sweet spot on the horizon of being the purest & […]

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Reclaiming Beauty

I’ve been reclaiming the Selfie.  I was always a tomboy and my identity was built around being more about the sports and feats of strength & courage than about looking pretty. I thought that if I made room for being pretty I would lose space to play […]

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Walk the Land

In recent years, I have set myself the task of listening. To listen deeply to my life and respond to its messages only.  To let no external input dissuade me from my internal knowing.  I had begun to pride myself on the courage and tenacity that it […]

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