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Connect with Your Soul's Voice


The Dreaming World

Waiting here at the edge of the world. Over and over, seeking for the courage to sink into the Dreaming world instead of moving lightly through the worlds of action and outcome. Sinking into the layers of sorrow and grief that live there. The grief, the letting […]

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On the Edge – Healing Space is Transitioning into Something New!

I’m beginning to design and conceptualize “Kate Autumn Bokoles” (as business entity) — the emerging, synergistically simplified, expression of all that has come before. I love being the creator of my own business because there is that sweet spot on the horizon of being the purest & […]

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Reclaiming Beauty

I’ve been reclaiming the Selfie.  I was always a tomboy and my identity was built around being more about the sports and feats of strength & courage than about looking pretty. I thought that if I made room for being pretty I would lose space to play […]

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