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Connect with Your Soul's Voice



If grief asks us to immerse ourselves in the river where all soul’s come together, sorrow asks us, personally, to let go. Sorrow asks us to walk along the river, alone, discarding what can no longer be carried. Discarding what can no longer be forced or controlled […]

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I always wonder if a picture can convey the infinite layers held inside a person. Here the sunlight from the happiest fields I’ve ever seen. Here the grief of the world which touches my own grief and flows back out again into the woven lines of sorrow […]

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Right Relation – Right Alignment

Every once in awhile I get a personal reminder about the essence of Myofascial Release. Confirming the paradigm shift in physical therapy and bodywork that says space, fluidity and full freedom of movement is not something that can be forced. I’ve carried a heavy load of tension in my […]

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