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Connect with Your Soul's Voice


The Aftermath

If you are observing closely to the arc of your life, the serendipitous and arduous occurrences that both shape your life and challenge you to stand firm to shape the world around you, you will be graced with witnessing those moments of transformation, when life lessons accumulate and you wake up […]

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Winter Solstice Thoughts

  The body is both resilient and vulnerable.  When I say that it is vulnerable I mean that we each have certain absolutes that we cannot compromise and still live in full vibrancy and health.  Much of the tension and pain that we carry in our body are […]

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The Angel of the Spirit

There is an “Angel of the Spirit” sitting with her hands clasped and her fragile tenuous wings, she sits on the piano. I get to decide what her name means, who she is, will she remain, will she become one of the deities of this place, Like […]

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