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Connect with Your Soul's Voice


Anger tells us what we absolutely will not stand for. It shines a bright fiery spotlight on the things that are non-negotiable and energizes our body to defend them. If we teach a person to suppress or ignore their anger we have taught them not to have boundaries, we have made them defenseless against those who would invade their sacred spaces and do harm.

Without anger we become defenseless against those who mean well but unknowingly cross onto sacred ground.

Anger in the body says an absolute Yes and an absolute No: “No, you cannot walk on this sacred ground, it is mine. No, you cannot invade this body, it is mine. No, you cannot shame my emotions, they are mine.” •

If your anger seems to smolder and obsess with no resolution, check inside to see what boundary has actually been broken. It could be you are defending the wrong wall. We who have had our anger shamed often come to anger with an inheritance of confusion. After all, we are unsure if we have any rights to our bodies at all.

Anger will tell you, absolutely: “Yes, you do.”