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Connect with Your Soul's Voice

About Kate

If I’m lucky, I’ll tell your story back to you in a way that brings it more alive in both our hearts. That my eyes and ears might be a reflection of the magic already there. An opening heart for stories to exist and amplify and settle deep down into the roots of truth.

I’ve been asking myself who and what I am in this existence, and the deepest answer is that I am a seer, a listener, and a feeler. Sometimes I would like to see and feel less. Nevertheless, it is who I am.

I’m on a voyage to make less of a profession of those gifts and more of a presence. To let myself off the hook for producing something out of what exists within me like water and breathing. Simply. To anchor those qualities in the world.


A Word about Emotions…

I have a knack (and love) for diving into emotions and discovering the vitally important information they are trying to tell us.  I am advocate for ALL emotions.  Instead of trying to push through or release unwanted or “undesirable” emotions, I take the approach that all emotions are present to give us valuable information.